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Ethical Tees from GOEX Apparel

Ethical Tees from GOEX Apparel

Ethical tees from GOEX

About GOEX

GOEX is an ethical t-shirt and apparel company.  It makes ethical tees responsibly and sustainably in Haiti and the USA.  I’m thrilled to collaborate with them; in this blog I discuss their ethically and sustainably made tees, as well as their sustainable and ethical labor practices. GOEX is a great brand and certainly give me good vibes!  GOEX’s has a truly inspirational business model, which produces really good tees!

GOEX’s Ethical Tees

GOEX makes all its tees and other apparel sustainably and ethically.  Thus GOEX pays a living wage and provides a safe and dignified working environment for its staff in both Port Au Prince, Haiti and Kansas City, USA.  GOEX  also uses eco-friendly fibers and practices in manufacturing its tees and other apparel. As a member of The Fair Trade Federation, GOEX is fully committed to equitable and sustainable trading partnerships. Members of the Fair Trade Federation commit to value the environment and treat their workers with dignity, equity and equality.  To be a member of the Fair Trade Federation in goot standing, GOEX has passed all the rigorous screening required to obtain and maintain Fair Trade Federation membership.

As evidence of GOEX’s commitment to ethical and sustainable practices, GOEX pays fair wages and provides benefits for its staff both in the Haiti and USA, with staff in Haiti receiving almost double the average apparel worker salary, and the USA staff all earning income well above of the minimum wage and receiving benefits, in addition.

From a sustainability perspective, GOEX’s manufacturing uses recycled fabrics, which include using  eco-triblend fabric for tees.  Eco-triblend is made partially from recycled polyester and rayon, as well as cotton. Additionally, GOEX makes its buttons, labels, packaging, zippers and even twill tape from recycled plastics! To help reduce waste, some GOEX apparel is made from scrap fabric. Scrap fabrics have been made into cardigans, tees, beanies and scrunchies.

GOEX is also transparent about its sustainably practices and challenges. With the dizzying amount of greenwashing going today, GEOX stands out as a brand that honestly discusses its sustainability challenges and successes – truly authentic.

GOEX earns extra marks from me, being a Ugandan American, because its first apparel sewing project was Gulu, Uganda in 2010.  The project supported a local uniform sewing business. GOEX has since grown by leaps and bounds into a sustainable apparel brand but its social impact continues.

Sustainable and ethical fabrics for apparel

GOEX uses sustainable fabrics for its tees and apparel. Its tri-blend shirts are made from US-grown cotton, recycled polyester and rayon. Every eco-triblend shirt contains the equivalent of approximately 5 plastic water bottles! GOEX is committed to use more tri-blend as a way to help divert plastic away from landfills. A typical eco-tri blend is made from 25% U.S. cotton, 50% recycled polyester and 25% rayon, all of which are responsibly sourced in the USA.

From a social impact perspective, all of GOEX’s net profits go towards supporting social project in and outside the USA, supporting projects like the Global Orphan project and other local community support initiatives.  GOEX also considers its staff’s earning livable wages in the USA and Haiti as part of this social impact, furthering its commitment to a fair working environment and livable wages.

GOEX generously sent me three of its ethical tees to review and I put some looks together.  My blog and Instagram feed have advocated for ethical basics like tees as an easy sustainable fashion choice. Basics form the base of our outfits and ethically made one are almost always better quality than typical tee and offer the versatility one to style multiple outfits!

 Look 1: GOEX Eco -Triblend Tee in Rose for summer denim look

Eco triblend tee in Rose from GOEX

This eco-triblend  tee is one of GOEX’s best sellers.  It is soft, light and breathable.  The uniqueness of eco-triblend fabric allows for it to breathe like cotton and the polyester (recycled polyester) content wicks water and keeps you dry from the heat too. This tee has some weight to it, which translates into longevity and versatility, meaning that it will remain in good shape even after many washes.  I got mine in rose but GOEX has a variety of colors.  To sustainably style my tri-blend tee for summer I paired it with a thrifted denim skirt and clogs.

Look 2: GOEX Koala tee for a playful chic look

Koala ethical tee from GOEX apparel

Koalas are the cutest; just could not resist trying out this eco-friendly t-shirt featuring my favorite marsupial! I styled my Koala GOEX ethical tee with shorts, a summer blazer and sneakers for playful chic look, with the cute koala GOEX tee as the statement piece of the outfit.  In addition to tees forming the base/foundation of your outfit they can also be statement pieces and this one is just that! Lovely that it has an earth friendly message.

Look 3:  GOEX no space for waste tee for a casual street style look

No space for waste ethical tee from GOEX

I love that this tee’s message of no waste of space embodies its actual composition. It’s made from 50% recycled polyester, polyester that would otherwise be in landfills!  It’s a looser and longer fit tee, so I opted for a street style look and paired my no space for waste tee untucked with some distressed jeans.  I’m an earthling who loves space and sci-fi, so this tee is definitely a hit for me.

If you are looking to make ethical tees for your company, GOEX is also a wholesaler!

Thank you GOEX for sponsoring this post. Sponsored posts help keep up as a free resource for everyone interested in sustainable fashion and living. 



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