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Sustainable Travel Wear from wayre

Sustainable Travel Wear from wayre


Sustainable Travel Wear from wayre

I discovered wayre while looking for sustainable travel wear for my summer road trips.  I tend to pack too many items but recently resolved to travel light, to focus less on my outfits and more on the nature and the beauty I set out to see on my trips.  wayre offers versatile sustainable travel wear that allows you to travel light and still look great!

About wayre

wayre is a travel lifestyle apparel brand; wayre makes stylish and functional clothes for the modern traveler.  wayre makes their clothes sustainably and ethically from reclaimed plastic waste. Plastic that would otherwise end up in landfills is regenerated into fabric.  wayre clothes are designed to solve many of our travel packing challenges like: What should I pack?  Am I prepared adequately for the weather? How can I travel lighter but still have versatile looks?

Ethical and sustainable production at wayre

As a sustainable fashion consumer, it’s important to me that a brand has an ethical and traceable supply chain, from sourcing fabric to manufacturing. wayre works with socially responsible Taiwanese manufacturer, Everest.  Everest is a SA8000 certified factory meaning that workers receive fair wages and work under safe, comfortable and humane conditions.

wayre uses sustainable, BLUESIGN verified, silk fabric that is made from reclaimed post consumer fabric for its garments.  BLUESIGN verified entails certification at all levels of the manufacturing process that the fabric and other inputs used have the lowest possible impact on people and the environment. As an example the fabric used by wayre is made with significantly less water than the amount used for cotton t-shirts. This certification also includes dyes and any other chemicals that may be used in the manufacturing process.  BLUESIGN verified fabric is non-toxic, sustainable and ethically made, basically the tracing of an outfit’s path ensures that the process and outfit are good for all that interact with the outfit in any shape or form.

My review of outfits

wayre makes high quality, functional and stylish garments. After I purchased my first wayre outfit I immediately sent the them an instagram DM, telling them how much I was blown away by the quality of the outfit and how it was unbelievable to me that it had been made from recycled plastic. The fabric felt so soft and felt almost like silk.  The items I purchased were their flow short and snap fit tank in matching black gingham print.  It has been my summer uniform! wayre was kind enough to send me an extra two outfits to review.

wayre garments have unique qualities that really make them ideal for travel. The fabric is stank proof, does not wrinkle much, is spill-proof so wine, spaghetti and other food-friendly, and has really neat secret pockets with zippers. I have worn wayre outfits on two trips this summer and these features came in handy. Notably, wayre offers inclusive sizing from XXS to XXXL.  I was happy to see inclusive and diverse models on their website.

Overall I highly recommend wayre. Below is my detailed review of two wayre outfits.

Look 1: Flow shorts matched with the shift Snap tank

This set was my first wayre purchase.  I purchased the flow shorts and shift snap tank both in a black gingham print. wayre gifted me same set in a sand color. I love both colors.  This set from wayre would be a perfect addition to your closet if considering low maintenance sustainable travel wear, as it does not need ironing if folded properly and dries quickly should you need to hand wash it on your trip.  I can attest that the fabric is breathable too.  Both the flow shorts and the shift snap tank held up really nicely on a hot sweaty summer day on recent Washington DC getaway. I logged 16,000 steps on my Health app, getting about the city with my two young kids (definitely not a walk in the park kind of day) and it held up without me feeling sticky and sweaty.  The flow shorts come with two secret pockets with a zipper.  The pockets are deep enough to carry a phone quite comfortably and the zipper provides extra security for your valuables.

wayre flow short

Look 2: Seville Dress


The Seville dress is one of the two travel dress options currently offered by wayre. It comes in 12 color options and sizes XXS to XXXL.  I was gifted the dress in a beautiful fern green color.  I love the dress because it’s both flattering and comfy.  The Seville dress can also be dressed up and down which is super useful when you travel.  My best feature of the dress is the secure secret pockets with zippers.  What is not to love about dresses with pockets! But there is more: the Seville dress offers an additional boobie pocket which I found both fun and useful for travel. In addition to being useful for travel I think the boobie pocket can be useful for concerts and sports game (lessens need to carry a bag).  Like a typical well made dress, the seville dress has adjustable traps.  The Seville dress checks all that you need in a great dress—style and functionality.

If you are interested in snagging a wayre outfit for your self, I have a code MSPAULA for 10% off.


Thank you wayre for sponsoring this post. Sponsored posts help keep up as a free resource for everyone interested in sustainable fashion and living.  This post may also contain affiliate links for which I may receive a small commission. 


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