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This is ADAY | Amazing Stuff, Amazing Team

This is ADAY | Amazing Stuff, Amazing Team

I discovered this is ADAY on my Instagram feed while I was away in Kenya and Uganda for the summer. I knew I had to check them out once I was back stateside. There was this sweatshirt that ADAY appropriately calls the ‘Like a Boss sweatshirt’ that I just needed to have.  It looked like something I could go for a run in and still arrive at my destination not sweaty and in style like the boss that I am. 😎 In fabric speak, the sweatshirt is made from a moisture wicking fabric. This simply means modern fabric tech that, just like a candle wick, absorbs moisture/liquid and draws it away from your body making you less sweaty.

I was not sure about sizing but fortunately the company has a showroom in China town you can visit by appointment.  I had my son with me the day I decided to visit, but with some bribing (read: offering a happy meal) he agreed to come with me. Shopping with an 8 year old boy is not easy so incentives are necessary!  As it turns out though, my son had a better time that me. Yup! And the This Is ADAY team is why. They were so warm and welcoming. I felt a bit weird bringing in an 8-year-old child with me but that feeling was lifted by a warm hello from the team.  My son was given water, paper to draw his buildings on and they listened to the impressive knowledge of New York buildings and history he has managed to amass.  When the team heard from him that his birthday was the day before, they signed a card for him.  How cute is that?!


So back to clothes, what did I buy?  So, I did not end up getting the ‘Like a Boss sweatshirt’ but I’ll be back!

I got the ‘Don’t Stop crop top’ and the ‘Cut it Out pants’.  The fit of the pants is amazing. Again, for us curvy girls pants can be tricky but these work for me.  I decided to get them with a crop top for a summer look, but they also can be paired with their ‘Best seller button-down shirt’ or with their ‘Wrap It Up vest” (links at bottom of the post). I also see myself wearing them with a simple tee.


Here are some reasons I’m really into This Is ADAY;

  1. The showroom experience  – they were very warm and super nice to my son.
  2. Quality clothes – who does not like that!
  3. Versatile styling options for their clothes  – $$ are limited for many of us, so having versatile styling options from a few outfits is good value for $.
  4. No need for dry cleaning – saves $$ and reduces chemical exposure.
  5. Clothes are mostly wrinkle free  – a quick steam was enough for mine. I HATE IRONING!
  6. Fantastic customer service – I got a cute follow up email after visiting the showroom.

For clothes, style and design are super important, but for me, in store experience and how you are treated by the brand is more important.  This Is ADAY had both.  It was a good DAY 😊



ADAY best seller button down shirt (something borrrowed shirt)

click here

ADAY wrap it up vest

click here

ADAY Cut it out pants

click here

ADAY don’t stop crop top

click here

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