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San Diego | My second favorite US City

San Diego | My second favorite US City

My San Diego trip had a couple of hiccups! But it turned out to be pretty amazing.

I LOST MY PHONE YOU GUYS. How does that happen to an Instagram person on vacation? Lol. It fell out of my hand and into a sewer with no hope of retrieval. My husband has a dinosaur of a phone with a weak battery so taking photos with it was annoying actually. Thank God I had my camera!

San Diego is officially my second favorite US city.  New York, I love you, but San Diego is officially second.  It’s weird though because they are so different. I have visited many cities and loved them but only two other cities, other than New York that I feel like I could live in and those are Nairobi and San Diego. I am on a quest to explore North America more. I might find my third city! I want to travel to Mexico, more states in the USA and Canada.  Many times we dream about going halfway across the world (the geography fanatic in me would love that!) but for me given my young family and super busy husband it is hard to pack up and head to Bali of the Maldives. A weekend in Montana on the other hand is actually doable. (I am actually dying to go fly fishing in Montana ever since I watched the movie River Runs Through It a few years ago – a classic with a young Brad Pitt. 😍)

Hers’s a few reasons I absolutely loved San Diego.

  1. Friendly Uber drivers = Friendly locals – New York I love you but San Diego has warmer people. An Uber driver is a local who happens to drive an Uber so if uber drivers are nice it’s reflective of that society. We had great conversations with every single Uber driver and we used Uber a lot!
  2. Stunning scenery – The hills and the ocean are absolutely gorgeous. La Jolla Coves is breathtaking!
  3. It is relatively easy and quick to get around – In three days I visited Coronado beach (famous for the movie Some Like it Hot), La Jolla Cove, the San Diego Zoo, Balboa Park, Torrey Pines, Mexico and  I did a photo shoot too!
  4. The weather is amazing. It is sunny but not humid. We checked the weather before we left New York and the lowest temperatures were 55°F and the highest 60°F. We thought it was NYC 55°F which is cold but in San Diego it felt a lot warmer. I didn’t pack the right clothes! But you know your girl made it work. 😎
  5. You can cross easily into Mexico –the border was 20 minutes from our hotel. We could not resist!
  6. It’s child friendly – Sea World, the amazing San Diego Zoo, La Jolla Coves and lots of other things. Your children will love it.

My visit was super short, only three days but that just means that I just need to visit again soon!


San Diego1

Stunning views of the pacific from Torrey Pines.


Sunny  La Jolla coves.


Wave action and sea lions.  You can get close but not too close because the seal lions have been known to slap and bite.  I don’t blame them.  Humans can be annoying !


My crew catching a California sunset at Coronado beach.

coronado beach

Feeling cool and relaxed at the Coronado beach hotel.

San Diegozoo2

After waiting for like 20 minutes in line all I got was a panda butt.  Dude was out and had no time for panda paparazzi lol.


I need to get a dress this color.  Simply stunning!

Balboa park was super crowded given that we went on a Saturday but my son got some cute shots.  I am teaching him how to use my camera.  He loves to take photos of buildings.  He will not become my instagram photographer though 🙂

balboapark2balboa.JPGMy favorite travel buddies.




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