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Eco-friendly Swaps with Mighty Nest

Eco-friendly Swaps with Mighty Nest

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Eco-friendly living – starting out can be challenging but does not have to be

Due to the now-obvious effects of climate change and pollution, more and more people are choosing an eco-friendly and sustainable lifestyle.  But starting out can be challenging. A quick scan of our homes and local grocery stores will reveal how wasteful most of what we consume is.  There are significantly more disposable products than minimal-waste or reusable products.  It’s rather challenging when eco-friendly products are not always available at local grocery stores.

I recollect vividly some of the challenges I faced, zigzagging from being overwhelmed, guilty, impatient and frustrated.  I had a couple of months stock of disposable products, from aluminum foil, cling film and paper towels etc, yet wanted to make an immediate change. Just tossing out the stuff would have been contradictory.  As that stock depleted, I transitioned to sustainable products, but the transition can be rough.  I started to eco-shame myself and felt challenged to find eco-friendly swaps for the products I was giving up, that’s why I’m so excited to learn about Mighty Nest. Be sure to read to the bottom of the post for an exclusive mighty fix discount.

How Mighty Nest makes sustainable swaps easier 

Mighty Nest is an online one stop shop for high quality sustainable and non toxic home and body care products. While there is a lot of information out there on sustainable swaps, you still have to figure out where to get them and then which brands to get.  It can’t be easy to be unlearning stuff that’s been a staple in your life for as long as you remember, yet figuring out suitable alternatives at the same time; reading lots of reviews on brands can be time consuming. Which is where Mighty Nest can be your friend in need.

The Mighty Fix monthly program from Mighty Nest 

Mighty Nest recently reached out to me regarding their Mighty Fix monthly subscription service and the more I learned about it, the more convinced I got that it would be an excellent service for folks just getting started on their sustainable lifestyle journey.  Looking back, if I had access to Mighty Fix, the transition would have been smoother, no doubt, probably would have progressed a little further than where I’m today.

Mighty Fix is a monthly eco-friendly subscription box from Mighty Nest, with lots of goodies, to make it easy for people to explore a more eco-conscious, minimal-waste lifestyle. Mighty Fix members receive one sustainable swap every month, including tips on how to use it.  This helps build sustainable habits incrementally for lasting impacts.  It takes the “overwhelming” out of starting out.

What type of products will you receive through Mighty Fix? 

You will receive earth friendly kitchen, on the go, wellness, kids, cleaning, body and pets products.

Why I think the Mighty Fix Subscription is useful

  • It makes starting out on a sustainable lifestyle less overwhelming. Mighty Fix sends one curated eco-friendly product to a subscriber.  The product is selected by Might Nest, saving the subscriber time and eliminating risks of hits and misses and the surrounding confusion.
  • I like that the price is affordable.  At $11 a month, a subscriber receives one full sized item valued at $13.50 to $16.99, and subscribers have an additional perk: a discount of up to a 35% discount on other items, which is also an incentive to try new products.
  • Mighty Fix gives subscribers tips and tricks on how to use the product selected for them, so they don’t have to figure out things on their your own.
  • Subscribers learn about useful sustainable swaps that they may otherwise have never found on their own. They carry a lot of innovative products!

So what was in my box this month? Bees Wrap 

This month my unique sustainable swap was Bees Wrap.


What is Bees Wrap?

Bees Wrap is an eco-friendly alternative to plastic for wrapping and storing food.  Bees Wrap is made from organic cotton and is coated with beeswax, jojoba oil and tree resin. Its washable and reusable for about one year.  It’s also natural and biodegradable.  The Jojoba oil and beeswax fight germs and keep food fresh.  Bees Wrap is very different from typical products like cling film or plastic tupperware or sandwich bags, but I like the fact that it is natural, with no toxins and no plastic.

The key benefit of the Mighty Fix method is that the incremental changes allow you to fully explore a sustainable swap and learn how to use it, which to me, creates an eco-friendly habit that sticks.  By the end of this month I will be adjusted to using Bees Wrap and hopefully kiss plastic food wraps goodbye for good.

How to use Bees Wrap

Wrapping bees wrap around foodBees Wrap is easy to use; you just use your hand to warm the Bees Wrap and then fold and shape it around food.  The heat from your hand warms up the wax thus enabling the wrap to cling to your food or bowl. Some ideas of what to use it for are halved fruits, sandwiches, cover the top of mason jars, baked goods and even to wraps some freshly cut flowers instead of using  paper and plastic and lots more.

How to Wash Bees Wrap

Bees Wrap is easy to wash. All you need is a mild soap then rinse with cold/lukewarm water and just air dry it. You should not use washing machine or dryer.  You can also just use a damp cloth depending on what you used it for.  Bees wrap might not always look shiny and new but that is ok, it’s reusable as long as the wax sticks.

Mighty Fix Discount Code

If you are interested in trying out Mighty Fix with my code MSPAULAFIX  or use the link here to receive $3 for your first month instead of $11.  Your first Fix will be Bees Wrap. 🙂

Some questions about Mighty Fix

I had some questions for Mighty Fix that the team responded to and thought that it might be useful to share the responses, as it is possible my friends will have the same or similar questions.

Can you get the same product twice? Answer is no.  You receive a unique surprise item each month.

Is membership flexible?  Mighty Nest allows people to choose to receive a Mighty Fix monthly or every other month, pause their membership, skip months, and, of course, cancel at any time.

Can’t I get the same products on amazon, for example?

Mighty Nest responded that they use very strict standards for their product ingredients and for selecting partners, so the brands they carry are sometimes more expensive than some other alternatives on Amazon, and certainly distinguishable in terms of quality.

This post contains affiliate links. If you choose to make a purchase I will receive a commission at no additional cost to you


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