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7 Ethical Holiday Outfits

7 Ethical Holiday Outfits

Ethical holiday outfits for holidays at home

This holiday season is different than any other in the lifetimes of most of us.  With the CDC discouraging travel, curfews, shut downs, social distancing or self isolation guidelines mean that we’re going to have a subdued Thanksgiving and holiday season in our homes with a smaller circle of immediate family.  No question it’s been a tough year, crisis after crisis, leading to hopelessness and despair.  While it will take big things to change our collective mood, at a micro level smaller things can lighten your mood during the holidays even for brief moments.  One really small way to find a little light is for you to find a holiday outfit, preferably an ethicalholiday outfit and dress up at home.  In fact there is research out there that finds an interconnectedness between mood and dressing up.  For example, behavioral psychologist Carolyn Mair, in “The Psychology of Fashion”. advocates that dressing up in this unusual holiday would be a great mood boost.  Better if your holiday outfits are ethical or sustainable. We need earth when Covid 19 goes away.  So here is a list of 7 ethical holiday outfits for holidays at home.

7 Ethical Outfits for this Holiday Season

The ethical outfits I recommend can be worn throughout the year and are really cute, comfy for holidays at home.

Nova midi dress from Tradlands

The Nova midi dress from Tradlands comes ina couple of colors but my favorite is the flame.  Flame is a perfect red for the holidays.  Nova midi is a comfy and flowy dress perfect for a relaxed holiday at home and of course other times of the year.  Tradlands is my go-to for high quality slow ethical fashion. I loved the brand for many years. If you are a first time buyer at Tradlands make sure you use my code PAULA15 for 15% off here.

Cost: $202

How is it ethical?  Tradlands uses fair labor practices and makes clothes slowly with longevity in mind to minimize impact on the planet.

Ethical holiday outfit from tradlands

Nova Midi in Flame. Image from

Juhi Halter Jumpsuit from Able

The Juhi Halter Jumpsuit comes in black and cedarwood.  I love both colors but cedarwood is my favorite.  It is made from viscose twill so looks like silk. If you pair it with some gold jewelry the whole look is actually quite festive.  Link to shop Able is here.

Cost: $120

How is it ethical? Able has fair labor practices and a transparent supply chain.  Clothes are also designed to last.

Juhi-Halter Jumpsuit from Able

Srey Oun Sweater from Tonle

This sweater from Tonle has yarn bobbles that are so beautiful, fun and a sure head turner at your zoom holiday party. There is a belief that festive has to be velvet or shiny but fun is just as festive.  This Sweater comes in natural color and black & grey combo. Click here for link to this beautiful ethical sweater.

Cost: $170
How is it ethical? This sweater is handwoven from reclaimed textiles and Tonle uses fair labor.

srey-oun-sweater-handwoven-natural- from sTonle
Srey Oun Sweater from



















Flannel Cocoon Cardigan from Tentree

Cosy it up with a flannel! The flannel cocoon cardigan from tentree is a unique twist to flannel.  I don’t think I have seen a flannel cardigan.  Go super casual like the image above and pair it with jeans or glam it up with black dress and some fun jewelry.

Cost:  $118 

How is it ethical?  Tentree uses eco friendly materials including organic cotton, plants trees for purchases made as well as ethical manufacturing.

Already have flannel? Consider pairing it with a black dress, black pants and jewelry.

Ethical flannel holiday outfit from Tentree
Flannel cocoon cardigan. Image from



















More plaid? YES!

Devonshire dress in persimmon plaid from MataTraders

This fit and flare dress from Mata Traders features a colorful plaid, bold yet comfy enough for an ethical holidays-at-home outfit option. Pair it with a pendant necklace to stand out even more at your zoom holiday gathering. Here is a link to this dress.

Cost: $96

How is it ethical? Mata Traders uses fair labor practices and local hand craft techniques.

ethical plaid dress from Mata traders
Devonshire Dress in Persimmon Plaid . Image from

















Velour Cocoon wrap top from Synergy

The velour cocoon wrap top from Synergy is really soft. It’s both elegant and comfy.  Wear the cocoon top from synergy with pants as an fun comfy ethical holiday outfit for a party at home. It’s a perfect holiday outfit for New Year’s eve at home.

Cost: $62

How is it ethical? Synergy is a certified B Corp, the website shows impact of each garment, and is Fair trade Certified.

Ethical holiday outfit
Velour cocoon wrap . Image via



















Anya wrap dress from Synergy

A good wrap dress is always great . Consider the Anya wrap dress from Synergy for a flattering, comfy and stylish ethical holiday outfit that is perfect for holidays at home. It’s a perfect soft dress for all year around dress and with fun jewelry its perfect for the holidays. C

Cost: $84

How is it ethical? Synergy is a certified B Corp, the website shows impact of each garment, and is Fair trade Certified.

Anya wrap dress for sustainable holiday outfit
Anya wrap dress. Image from




















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Ethical outfits for holidays at home

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